This is the application of a pre-mixed product to exposed brickwork, stone, or mud brick surfaces. Typically it is used on external surfaces but can be applied to interior walls also.


The key fact is that it results in an impermeable surface which not only enhances the appearance of your property but also improves the weather resistance too. It should be noted that in most cases render will follow the existing contours and lines of your property so can be very organic and natural in its final look.


Rendering can be applied with different products and methods ;

Sand and Cement


Traditional render products consist of sharp washed sand, cement and hydrated lime. The proportions of each depends on the type of surface and level of exposure to weather. Metal or plastic beading is fixed to corners, windows and door frames for protection and to deflect rainwater.


Depending on the finish required, rendering can be fine or coarse, textured or smooth, natural or couloured, pigmented or subsequently painted. In all scenarios, mulitple layers of the product application will be necessary, typically a minimum of two, which allows for a gradual build up and layering of the product to the most effective and complete finish.

Garden wall

sand & cement render


Horse stables

Colour rendered in white



Colour rendered in pierre




A more authentic approach providing protection to external surfaces of traditionally built stone or brick houses. As this product is very durable and pourous it allows the building to 'breathe'. Moisture is absorbed, almost as in a sponge, and allowed to evaporate rather than soak into the walls which would cause subsequent damp related problems.
As a result, it is less likley to crack, and the elevated level of  PH in the product also acts as a fungicide to alleviate mould growth.


French cottage

Pre- render



French cottage

Post-render 1


French cottage

Post-render 2





This is a pre mixed silicone render product designed to give a durable , weatherproof , decorative & natural looking finish. It comes in a range of colours so completely eliminates the need for subsequent painting. In normal circumstances, it requires only a single layer of application which can speed up the time spent onsite.


First stage -

Base scratch coat


Second stage -

Post application


Close up photo

Actual finish


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