Plastering is a skilled process whereby a product is applied, usually by hand, to cover and protect different surfaces such as walls and ceilings in readiness for decoration.


There are different techniques and finishes for plastering ; 




Skimming is what most people think of when they talk about plastering. The application of a 'two coat' skim of gypsum plaster to walls and ceilings resulting in a smooth, polished finish ready for painting or wallpapering once dried. This usually takes up to seven days.  

Stairwell with curved edges


Living room ceiling and reveals



Kitchen extension


Dry - Lining


This relates to the securing of plasterboards either directly to stud walls or over existing stone, brick walls or ceiling surfaces, using screws on timber or adhesive on masonry (Dot and Dab). Once dry-lined, the area can be taped then jointed allowing for redecoration shortly after completion. Alternatively, the boarded area can also be skimmed with plaster. The benefit of this process is that it can be potentially undertaken in a shorter timescale.


Dry-lined kitchen ready for plastering


Railing for boarding


Boarded ceiling


French Plastering


Bedroom eaves


Bedroom wall


Attic room


Repairs & Patchwork




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